Monday, 16 May 2011

Make May Musical #5 - Chalte Chalte from Mohabbattein

Apologies for the lateness of this post. Well we all know what happened to Blogger on Friday, and when it came back I was already at work until late in the evening, so I was far too tired to do any kind of posting.
So please forgive me.

I was walking around my house and suddenly found myself humming this song ...

Chalte Chalte from Mohabbatein

Mohabbatein (from the year 2000), is a story that has been compared to the Dead Poet's Society. It tells the story about a laid back music teacher Raj who gets a job in a strict boarding school, and inspires three students to follow their heart, and in true Indian film style, that means to fall in love.

There are three main students that we meet. One is Vikram, a cocky confident guy who falls in love with Ishika, a girl from another school, who is big headed and thinks she is too good for him. Another is Sameer, a shy, really nice guy who falls for his best friend Sanjana, who happens to be in love with someone else. The last guy, Karan's love is a little tragic. He falls for Kiran a widowed woman who has been requested by her father in law to keep acting like a good wife and wait for her soldier husband every night at the train station, because he refuses to believe that his son is dead.

This is the song that is played when they all realise that they are falling in love.
"I walk, but then suddenly I stop*,
I sit, and then get lost in my thoughts,
I talk, but then I am silent,
Is this what love is?"

*because they are thinking about the other person.

The headteacher, Narayan, of this very strict school keeps the gates closed to ensure that his students remain studious with no distractions. However, he has suffered from his own tragedies. His very obedient daughter, Megha, fell in love with one of his students when she was younger, but he did not give his blessings for her to get married to him, and then expelled the student for falling in love with his daughter. The standard of the school is such that when you are expelled, you will never find a place at another school.
At first she carried on with her life, but then could not live without the love of her life, and eventually committed suicide. This made the headmaster more determined that love should always take second place to everything else in life.

The music teacher begins to loosen up the school rules, and tries to create situations where each of those three students can spend time with the girl that they love, and convincing Narayan that these extra-cirricular activities will make them into better students. Unfortunately, the rules bend so far that the headmaster cannot take it anymore and shuts the school gates for good, and tries to fire the music teacher. That is when Raj confronts Narayan about who he really is. He was the student who fell in love with his daughter Megha. The very student who, when Narayan banned the two of them from seeing each other, was the reason for Megha committing suicide. He is back to spread love and happiness into a school where the very thing is banned.

There is a much more heartfelt/moving song in this film, but I am trying to put videos that don't have the same people in them.


Saumya said...

LOVE this song! My sister and I watch these songs all the time, hehe.

Naina Gupta said...

I hadn't listened to this song in a while, but all of a sudden I was humming it. I think Make May Musical is opening up my brain to Bollywood songs all over again.