Friday, 20 May 2011

Make May Musical #7 - Jogi Mahi from Bachna ae Haseeno

When I started Make May Musical, one of the categories of song that I talked about was great big musical numbers that are splashing with colour. I have been lacking in those, so here is a great one for Friday. There's some great dancing in this one.

Jogi Mahi from Bachna ae Haseeno

Unfortunately the channel only put up half of the song, but if you enjoy what you hear then I'm sure you would be able to find the full song somewhere.

Bachna ae Haseeno tells the story of Raj (the man in the video dressed in black) who has a habit of breaking women's hearts and only caring about himself.

The first woman that we meet is Mahi, who is looking to be swept off her feet and fall in love. He takes a liking to her, and pretends to miss the same train as her so he can talk to her. She falls for him, especially after he reads her a poem that he wrote just for her, and they kiss. He takes her to the airport so she does not miss her plane. She tells her family all about this great guy that she met, and when she looks for the piece of paper that he wrote the poem on, she finds that it is blank. When Mahi looks for Raj, she sees him wth his friends bragging (and lying) about all the other things that they got up to. He sees that she saw him, and leaves the airport, leaving her heartbroken and humiliated.

The next time we see Raj, he is living with another girl, until he gets the opportunity to move to Australia for work. She is willing to marry him and move to Australia, but he doesn't want this. He gets on the plane for his new life abroad on the day that he was supposed to be married.

In Australia, he meets and falls in love with a third girl. He wants to marry her, but she does not want the same thing. He is heartbroken now, and realises what he had done to the women in his life. He goes back to India to make ammends with the women he left behind.

When he finds Mahi, she sees that he is married to a man called Joginder (Jogi for short), hence the song Jogi Mahi. You see the two of them at the start of the video before the song starts. Jogi loves his wife but is upset that she cannot trust anyone, even her husband, after what Raj did to her. Raj wants to fix their marriage, to make up for what he has done in the past. In this song he is comparing their love to another famous Punjabi love story Heer and Ranjna, which is similar to the tale of Romeo and Juliet. He wants to show her that he has found the man she was looking for when he first met her all of those years ago.

Will he find forgivness from all the women in his lives?

Now I pose a question to you ....

Would you ever want someone from your past to come back and make ammends, even if you have moved on?

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