Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Dinner on the Southbank

Well well well, Spring/Summer is finally here in London. The sun is out, there are no clouds in the sky, people are lazing about on whatever green space they can find and the ice cream vans are permanently parked out for whoever wants one. I love London in the sun, everyone is just so much happier. This is a great thing when you have such a crappy week at work.

Last weekend I had dinner on the Southbank. My favourite part was walking across the bridge from Embankment station to the restaurant. It was such a beautiful night. Even though it was forecasted to be cold, you really couldn't feel it. You pass buskers who, when they play their violins or guitars into the night, really add to the atmosphere of the evening.

And then you look across to the left and you see this ...

Isn't it beautiful?

Ok the photo may be a little fuzzy, but you get my drift.

And I shall leave you with that. How are you all?