Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Make May Musical

The alliteration works well here doesn't it?

I have decided, that I need to put something in here that isn't just me complaining about the writing process. You need variety. So I have decided that since my book is entitled the BOLLYWOOD Break up Agency, that I should show you a bit of Bollywood in this blog.

I may not have seen a lot of the films, but I know a lot of the music. So that is where 'Make May Musical' comes in. I am going to post a link to a Bollywood song (providing that the song been uploaded by the official channel), so that you can listen to some of the music that I do. I will also tell you a little bit about the film and the song so you can understand it a bit better as well.

Make May Musical will take place every Monday Tuesday and Friday starting from May 3rd! (skipping the Bank Holiday Monday)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sunshine? What Sunshine?

My set up in my home has my desk facing in the opposite side of the window. I didn't even realise what it was like outside until about five minutes ago when I went outside to talk to the builder who had knocked a load of bricks into my kitchen.

It's like holiday weather out there - a beautiful 24degrees. It may not seem like much, but having lived in rainy London all my life, you really do have to cherish days like this because it could stop at any minute.

However, I have spent a significant proportion of my day writing. I wanted to get a lot of work done before I go off to my other part time job in the evening. This was inspired by the great Talli Roland, fellow Prospera Publishing author, who has been interviewed and asked about her writing process. Watching it, and starting up this blog, I have a lot more of an urge to write, which is a great thing. I feel like my story is going somewhere again, which I haven't felt in a long time because I have been stuck in front of my laptop suffering from a great deal of writer's block over the past few weeks.

Time to get back to the writing process.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

(Temporary) Book Cover


This is the temporary cover for the Bollywood Breakup Agency!

It's temporary because someone who my publishers described as Internationally acclaimed Art Director Guy Moore will be designing the cover of all of my books, yes ladies and gentlemen there will be more. For me that adds more pressure to not just present the goods, but do a pretty damn good job of it, which scares me a little.
A phone call with the (wonderful) people at Prospera Publishing said that this book will be coming out some way or another so I guess I have to write the book voluntarily, or they will superglue my wrists to my laptop and make me write it.

So everyone ... What do you think of the cover?

Thursday, 14 April 2011


I'm Naina, and the lovely people at Prospera Publishing have given me the amazing opportunity to write a book.

It is called 'The Bollywood Breakup Agency' and that's all I'm telling you for now, until I can come up with a coherent blurb/summary.
My publisher has described it as a "hilarious chick-lit take on Indian arranged marriages."
And no, I am not just aiming it at the Asian market.

Thus far, I am half way through writing the book in secret, because if anyone I knew in real life knew I was writing it, they would probably chase me down the road and send me into hiding anyway.

However, when I was at university, one of my psychology modules said that if you want to reach your goals, you are more likely to achieve them if you make a statement out to the world. That way you feel the pressure of trying to live up to everyone's expectations. So here it is.

And that is where all of you come in. I need you to help me through my highs of confidence, and low motivation and self doubt.

So once again....

Hi Everyone and welcome to my blog!

*Yes I am fully aware that the followers widget is not showing up. Try using the link at the top. I have already spoken to Google Help*