Monday, 23 May 2011

Make May Musical #8 - Main Yahaan Hoon from Veer Zaara

The first song I uploaded here was Do Pal from the film Veer Zaara, where I told you about Veer and Zaara, two people who fell in love with each other despite Zaara being engaged to another man and being from a different country. When I wrote that post, they left each other at the train station realising just how much they really felt about each other. That was just the first half of the story, and here is another song to go with it.

Main Yahaan Hoon from Veer Zaara

After Veer and Zaara left each other at the train station, Zaara cannot get Veer out of her head and she is thinking about him constantly. That is where this song comes in.
Veer is singing (in her imagination) that he is always there (not in a creepy way), the distance between them has now gone, he is the secret that she cannot hide anymore, he is the voice in her heart, he is in all of her thoughts, her questions and her answers, and so on and so forth. He has now become every part of her.

At the end of the song, after seeing him in the grounds of her house, she runs back in and tells her friend all about him. Her friend (Shabbo), calls Veer back in India and tells him to come and get Zaara because she is in love with him and doesn't really want to get married to her fiance, she is only doing it to keep the honour of her family. Before he goes to Pakistan, Veer has to resign from his job in the Indian Air Force, then he goes to find Zaara, and he has to stay at Shabbo's house while he does so.

Their secret comes out when Veer goes to see Zaara and, in front of both families she runs to him and embraces him. This causes her father to have a heart attack and the other family to call off the marriage. It is a scandal because both families are political and it would bring shame on them that Zaara is in love with an Indian. Zaara's mother find Veer and begs him to give her daughter back to her. Veer tells her that a mother should never have to beg for her children. Veer and Zaara agree to part ways for good and carry on with their lives, despite being in love with each other, and Veer proceeds to go back to India.

However, because of the shame brought on his family, Zaara's fiance frames Veer and he is arrested before he leaves, and is accused of being an Indian spy. The fiance blackmails Veer, and tells him that if he doesn't 'confess' to being a spy, he will make Zaara's life miserable. Veer agrees to confess and spends 22 years in prison, in order to uphold Zaara's honour.

Zaara is unaware of what happened, and when she sees the bus that was carrying Veer crashed and there were no survivors, she calls off the wedding.

This film shows the sacrifices the two characters have made for the sake of love. Veer spent 22 years in prison to uphold family honour, and Zaara spent 22 years alone because she thought the love of her life was dead.

We learn about their stories because a human rights lawyer is fighting to have Veer's name cleared and have him sent back to India.


Nas Dean said...

Thanks for the lovely song! I loved this movie, and on my tour of India visited Vagha Border, which is shown among the last scene of this movie.

Thanks for the follow at my blog and coming by to check out Harlequin M&B newest Medical Author Wendy S Marcus's interview and her debut release.

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Naina Gupta said...

The border where the 'marriage' took place? That's amazing!
I love this movie, and the soundtrack is beautiful, but the end part of the court case really annoyed me. It's the only part of the film that really really bugs me.