Monday, 9 May 2011

Make May Musical # 3 - Chand Sifarish from Fanaa

Fanaa is a strange film. But I like this song.

The original meaning of Fanaa is from Sufi philosophy meaning annihilation of the physical self (metaphorically) and reach a state of ultimate spirituality for God. In this film, it means to completely destroy yourself in Love.

Click the link >>> Chand Sifarish from Fanaa

The film tells the story of blind girl Zooni who, for the first time, is travelling around India without her parents, but instead with her friends. There she meets Rehan, a tour guide and huge flirt, who at the beginning of the song is singing to her:

"If the moon is telling us to drop the veil of modesty/decency, then I want to cross the line with you*, I insist on destroying myself with you."

*If you know what I mean ;-)

Later on, the two of them go on a private trip where they do spend the night together before she has to leave and go back to Kashmir. Before she leaves on the train, Rehan takes Zooni away, and during their time together, he helps her to undergo an operation to have her sight back. Before she opens her eyes, he promises to collect her parents so they can be there when it happens.

Unfortunately, Rehan is killed in a terrorist attack, Zooni is devastated and returns back to her home and has his child.

A number of years later, another attack is planned, where it is revealed that Rehan is not dead, but in fact one of those who orchestrated the previous attack. He goes undercover into the Indian Army, where he is to make his way to Delhi to provide the vital part of the next attack. When he is found out, he escapes wounded, and lands in Kashmir. He find his way to a remote home to try and get help for his injuries. The door is opened by Zooni, who obviously doesn't recognise him, but invites him in to take care of him. He also meets his grown up son, also named Rehan.

He does eventually admit his real name, but he does not admit to who he is, and why he disappeared in the first place. What will Zooni do when she realises the person she is in love with, is planning this terrifying attack?


Deniz Bevan said...

Oh my goodness, what an interesting story! But is he really a bad guy? Are there reasons why he's orchestrating these attacks?
I like the name Rehan.
Please please spoil the ending and tell me what happens!

Naina Gupta said...

It's all to do with the disputed area of Kashmir, in between Pakistan and India.
The rest of the story is very tragic.


He told her that he did love her and that was all she needed to know, and he didn't want to lie to her. They get married.
However, Zooni's father found out the truth about Rehan because he was shown on the TV. He confronted Rehan, who killed him by pushing him off a cliff when he was taking him to a friend's house, who is in the army. He then kills the family friend, who discovered Rehan in his home, calling his other terrorist friends to come and collect him.
Zooni discovers her father under the ice. When she meets Rehan at the house, he tells her that her father is at his army friend's house. She suspects that he has killed her father, she had also seen his face on the news. She finds and takes the final piece of the bomb and calls the army to tell them what is happening. Rehan tells her that nothing was actually going to happen, that everything was just a threat.
She refuses to listen to him, so he runs out of the house. She shoots him, even thought she still loves him.
There is a fight between the army and terrorists.
Rehan dies in Zooni's arms.

At the end of the film, Rehan jr asks the same question that you did - was my father a bad man?

Zooni tells him that his father was only doing what thought was right.

Deniz Bevan said...

Oh my! How sad and unexpected. I like that ending, though - of her having to explain his father to her son.

Thanks for telling me!