Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Make May Musical # 11 - Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Imagine there was a film that you saw in the cinema when you were a kid.
Now imagine going to the cinema, however many years on, and it was still showing in the theatres and it was still as popular as ever.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995), or 'The Good-Hearted will take the Bride', is one of the most famous Bollywood movies there is. In Mumbai, there is a cinema that is still showing it. And yes people still go to see it.

It tells the story of two British born Indians, Raj is modern and spoilt while Simran has had a traditional upbringing.

Before Simran goes to get married, she begs her father to let her go travelling because she will no longer be able to after she is married. He is reluctant at first, but lets her go on the condition that she behaves herself. On her trip she meets Raj who, after being a bit of an idiot at first, falls in love with her. She falls in love with him after they part, and she realises that she does not want to marry the man of her father's choosing.

When Simran confesses this to her mother, her father overhears this and is furious with her. He takes her to India to marry her off as quickly as possible, because her groom is the son of a friend of his, and they promised to marry their two children to each other a long time ago. He however, is everything Raj is not, and she wants nothing to do with him.

Raj goes to India to save the woman he loves from this horrible man. He befriends the man she is about to  marry, in order to help with the wedding preparations and gain everyone's trust. Simran's mother realises who he is and tells the two of them to run away together because she sees that the two of them are in love.

Complications arise when Simran's father finds out who this Raj really is, and tells him in front of everyone to leave. Simran's fiance and his friends beat him at the train station for lying to them. They then try to beat Raj's father, but Raj intervenes and stops them.

Simran's father tells both Raj and his father to leave, so they get on the train just as the rest of the family arrives at the station. As they leave, Simran tries to follow but her father stops her. However, after some begging and pleading, he realises that Raj really loves his daughter, so he lets her go to be with the one that she loves.

This is the signature song:
Tujhe Dekha To from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

The song is longer but, for some reason, once again the channel have only put up the first part of the song.
And a note - the actress - Kajol - is famous for that unibrow!

Is there a film you would love to see from your childhood, brought back to cinemas for today's generations?


Nas Dean said...

Awesome song! Recently we watched it again. Thanks for the memories!

Naina Gupta said...

No problemo Nas. Always happy to bring back the memories. I found myself discovering songs that I used to love but forget for some reason.