Monday, 12 September 2011

My First Suitor - The 'Surprise' Technique

Well well well, with my book being about arranged marriages, I couldn't let this opportunity go by. I must write a post about some people who came to my house for ... well ... me.

While I am not completely opposed to arranged marriages, I don't think it will ever be something for me. However, a family member informed my family that we were having some guests over to our house. I thought, 'oh that's good, I like these people and it would be nice to see them.' It all went well and we all had a very pleasant afternoon.

After they left, I was informed, as well as my parents (who had no idea what the purpose of the visit was either - they would have, and would've made me, dress up for such an occasion), they had come to visit me to see whether I would be interested in their relative's son. Oh dear.

Safe to say I was a little blindsided by the whole thing. If I knew that was why they were coming, I would have made a lot more effort to have gone out that day. I told my parents that I wasn't ready to start looking for a husband, I am still young and I want to live a bit more of my life before I have to settle down, OK well I didn't say that last bit. I think they know all that anyway, but they were just happy that someone was thinking of us.

Luckily, that match possibility is now off, we called them and said we weren't interested and I never have to worry about that family or their nephew again.


J.L. Campbell said...

I must admit this is an alien concept to me, but I guess you'll have some interesting times trying to stay unmarried for now.

Naina Gupta said...

I know my parents wouldn't have made me get married, I think that they were a little excited that someone was thinking of us.

Talli Roland said...

Naina, oh my! Maybe it's a good thing you didn't know in advance!