Monday, 5 September 2011


I really wish I wasn't a flake with blogging. I am such a terrible blogging friend.

Anyhow my Paris trip.

Paris was fantastic. I am such a city girl, as you know from my previous 'I Love London' posts. When you go out at night, and just immerse yourself in the lights and walk along the cobbled streets, visiting all those cafes and bars and restaurants and watching the world go by, visiting all those amazing buildings - it is just ... indescribable. And who can complain when you find a place that sells pastry and cake on every corner? I also totally re-earned my A in French speaking I got 8 years ago. Damn has it been 8 years? I feel old.

If there is one piece of advice that I could give you, it would be to buy the Paris book from Talli Roland's '24 HOURS' non-fiction range. I took it with me and it was because of that, that I decided to visit the Basilique of Saint Denis. It is the cathedral where nearly all the Kings and Queens of France have been buried. It is outside of the main city area, and because of that, or maybe few people are aware of it, you aren't surrounded by as many tourists. I don't mean that in a hipster-I-knew-everything-before-they-were-mainstream kind of a way. I mean when you go to places like Notre Dame - which is a beautiful place as well - because there are so many people, you get intimidated by the queue outside and you end up following the masses around the makeshift path they are all walking through because everyone is following the person in front. ANYWAY, there are not as many people in Saint Denis, so you have more time to walk around, see and appreciate the building and everything in it.

Back to my original point, get 24hours Paris, there are so many places in there that you wouldn't have thought of going to, and you will be so glad when you do.

Another piece of advice - get an ice cream cone from the Gardens at the Palace of Versailles. They are tasty.


J.L. Campbell said...

Paris is one of those places I'd like to visit before I die. Sounds like you enjoyed it.

Sangu said...

I really want to go to Paris! And if I do, I'll definitely be taking Talli's guide with me; I have her London guide and it's aweswome!

Thanks for joining in my blog contest!

Talli Roland said...

Thanks for the shout-out! :) So pleased you enjoyed your trip. I'm off tomorrow!

Creepy Query Girl said...

I live just outside Paris and even though I see it more than most people, I still look around in awe sometimes at how beautiful it is. So glad you enjoyed yourself! And Talli is awesome so I'm sure 24hoursinParis is worth it if you're coming here on vacation. Great blog! New follower here:)

Naina Gupta said...

J.L. Campbell - Paris was amazing. I hope you make it there one day.

Sangu - The Paris guide is so helpful. Yes visit all the landmarks you read about, but use the guide to go to places you wouldn't normally.

Talli - always happy to shout out. Have a great time in Paris.

Creepy Query Girl - I feel the same about London. I live in the suburbs, but I visit the city regularly. I love how tourists want their pictures taken near things that we Londoners take for granted. I'm sure you feel the same about Paris.
Welcome to my blog new follower.