Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Summertime: Southbank!

Well Summer time is finally here I think.

That is, until the rain starts pouring down and we all forget what the sunshine looks like.

As any British person will know, when the sun comes out you do everything you can to enjoy it because you never know when the weather will be like that again. So here are some photos from when I spent some time by the Southbank.

View from the Bridge (whoops, I forget which one)

Sitting on the deckchair outside of the Forbes bookstore eating an ice cream and reading my kindle in the sun.

People painting flags on the ground

The London Aquarium, I recommend a visit

Overlooking the Southbank from the Westminster Bridge

We may not get a lot of sun over here in the UK, but when we do have it, it's great. Look at that beautiful blue sky.


Meredith said...

How fun! So glad you got a sunny day! Thanks for sharing the pics. :)

Sangu Mandanna said...

Ahhh I so agree! The sun may not come out much, but it is so very lovely when it does.

Deniz Bevan said...

So jealous! I love visiting London as often as I can.

Maddie said...


I didn't know where else to post this but I absolutely loved your book!!! I couldn't put it down and I could totally relate to it! I am recommending it to all my friends! I can't wait for The Bollywood Bride, when is it coming out??