Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hello fellow bloggers ...

... Even though my blog posts have been really few and far between as of late. I am still trying to do this balancing act of working, writing and blogging. Sadly the blogging took a back seat, even though many things happen in life that I want to blog about.

Currently I am working in a job that drains me of whatever energy I have. And what sucks the most is that I found out the person I have replaced left the job because she went on to write full time! And I don't even work in publishing. If I did then it would make sense, but in this case it's just an annoying coincidence.

I really want to make the effort to do some blogging. I ended up lagging behind on the blog world by the end of last year. I want to make the effort to catch up with you, and all the fantastic things you get up to. Wishing you luck with your edits, wishing you luck when your book comes out and celebrating with you when you do well in sales. And I need your help as well when I go through the same thing. I am a little behind schedule, but don't worry Book 2 is on its way, just a little patience is appreciated.

Anyhow I hope that you are well. Fill me in. How are all of you doing, in both of your writing and your personal life? Sometime this week I will drop in and comment on your blogs. I want to at least blog once a week just to keep up with you guys.

All the best   =)

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