Saturday, 11 February 2012

The London Underground from a Shorter Perspective

I have recently had to re-acquaint myself with the morning rush-hour over the past two weeks. I would firstly like to point out that while we do have our problems (do the words we are waiting around on this platform 'to regulate the service' sound familiar?) I love the idea that you could walk around anywhere in London and never get lost because there is always a station somewhere.

However when you stand at a pretty unimpressive 5ft tall, the following can happen when you are on a very crowded train/station ...

  • Never being able to see the board that tells you when the train is coming, and therefore having to ask a tall person nearby what it says
  • Being knocked over by people wearing over-stuffed rucksacks when they get on the train
  • Never being able to reach the overhead bars when you don't have a place to sit - the alternatives are tip-toeing or over-stretching your arms
  • Your face being at exact arm-pit level of taller commuters who are able to hold on to the aforementioned bars (extra bad during summer-time)
  • The top half of your body being pushed further into the carriage so your feet are in a completely different location to the rest of you
All of this is true, and none of this is exaggerated readers   :'(

How about you? If any of you are short, do you encounter any other similar problems?
And for the rest of you ... what are your transportation annoyances?


Meredith said...

Ha, those London trains are SO tiny! One time, I was wedged into one of the doors and bent over in half. It was horrible!

Deniz Bevan said...

I'm short too, I know how you feel!