Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cut off from the World


What do you get if you cross the flu, a broken phone, and bad Internet?

Cabin fever, that’s what!

I have had the flu since before Christmas so I can’t go out. I have had to use a phone which doesn’t connect to the Internet, and I have a bad network so I can’t even connect to the Internet, and I can’t even blog. I am currently writing this on the 10th of January, on my umpteenth day off work, and without proper Internet for about a week.

So how have I coped in this Internet and technological age you ask? I have read a lot; with the Christmas money that I received I got one of my brothers to go out and buy me a kindle and (God bless unlimited 3G) I downloaded a lot of free books, mostly the classics, so my quest to become a much more well read person is on its way. I am 51% through Dorian Gray at the moment. I found that I have read a lot more quickly than when I take out those tattered old books from the library. This is coming from the person who checks through every copy of the same book in the bookstore and tries to find the one with the least amount of creases and dog ears.

When my eyes stopped burning and my muscles stopped aching, I played a lot of Nintendo Wii. I am no better at it now than when I started. Although I have unlocked a lot more exercises on the wiifit.

I tried to do some writing as well, but unfortunately when you are doped up on flu medication (some of which made me drowsy for up to three days at a time) it makes it very, very difficult to think straight and be creative in any way.

And on a really trivial note – I couldn’t even enjoy the smelly bath stuff that everyone gave me for Christmas because of my bunged up, really red nose.

It’s funny how we writers are so reliant on the Internet. Well I am – it is my only way to communicate with other writers. You have no idea how much I wanted to talk to you, and just read all of your blog posts and see how you were doing and just empathise with you all but I just haven’t been able to. I have missed talking to all of you so much. I have just about sent an email here and there, but all I have wanted to do since being stuck at home for two weeks is blog and talk to you guys. *sigh*


So tell me guys, how do you cope when technology goes wrong?


Meredith said...

Thank goodness you feel better! I can't go without the Internet for more than a day--I'm completely addicted! At least you got some good reading done!

Naina Gupta said...

In a way it's been good and bad. I've learned that it is important to take a break every now and again.