Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tweet for Me!

"The Bollywood Breakup Agency out today Retweet & win free ebook if Bollywood makes Kindle Top 100"

 The book is out today yaaaay!!!

Tweet the phrase above, put it at the end of your blog posts, or even just repost it on your Facebooks and 'like' Prospera Publishing and you'll win a complimentary ebook of Naked in Knightsbridge.

And if you're blogging .... here's the blurb

When party-loving Neela Solanki rejects yet another loser in the long line of potential suitors who keep turning up in the ‘good’ room, her traditional Indian parents finally take decisive action. Fed up with her persistent refusal to provide them with a son-in-law and grandchild, the Solankis confiscate the phone, car and credit cards they pay for, and give her one last chance to comply before she is kicked out of the house.

Desperate for cash, Neela starts up a secret business breaking up the engagements of those trapped in the unstoppable force that is an Indian marriage arrangement. Add to that an addiction to Indian soap operas, being stalked by the latest loser’s father, a jilted ex and a love interest from an unlikely source, and Neela finds life is about to take a turn she never expected.

To all you wonderful people out there, PLEASE take the message and pass it on!!! 

Let me know when you do it!

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Anonymous said...

Hey I couldn't find a contact email or anything for you so I though this would be an appropriate place to say I read your book yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I've stumbled across your blog looking for the release date of your next book but I guess I'll have to wait :) I have reviewed your book on my new blog and on Amazon but as a newbie to the blog world it may not do much good.
I suspect you are going to do rather well anyway though based on this. Best of luck with the writing.