Friday, 12 August 2011

"We are doing it because we can't get jobs"

This was an excuse that I heard about the rioting a little while ago on the TV. It really annoyed me for a variety of reasons.

First of all, there are a lot of people currently out of the job market. Myself included, even though I am grateful for this writing opportunity and my part time job on the side. It has been some years since I graduated from university and, I know this sounds crazy but, I would love a job that is secure, one that I can go to on a full time basis. In my family, not just nuclear but extended as well, a job is not a job unless you are there 9-5 or something to that effect. Something where you are getting a regular and steady income, paying national insurance and have some money to put towards pension; even if currently it looks like we will all have to work until 70 to afford to live beyond that age.
None of them know that I am writing this book though (nearly finished by the way ... yay!).

Secondly, if you are rioting because you can't get a job, having a criminal record isn't really going to help you very much when you are trying to find one.

Next, it was found that a lot of the people rioting were young teenagers. There are still years to go until they are in the job market. We don't know what it will be like in however many years time. Who knows, the situation might improve.
What really annoys me is the people who want jobs but are too lazy to go out and get one. I spent a long time sending out CV after CV, it takes time. No one is going to knock at your door and offer you a well paid job. You need to be proactive. And you need to pay your dues.

We can add to that, burning places down. How is making shops and business unable to function the path to a good economy? Just because you can't find work, it doesn't mean that you should ruin other peoples lives in the process. And why would you break into and burn down people's houses? It doesn't make any sense.

Finally, it was the places that they were looting. They were stealing TVs, trainers, HiFis, and other expensive goods. It seemed that the only way to get what they wanted was to loot the shops. The problem with this generation is that they want everything now. They don't believe in delayed gratification. They don't believe in working hard and saving the money to go towards something great. In this world of famous for being famous, it seems that the only way to earn decent  money is to act like a drunken fool on some godforsaken reality TV show, and that really bugs me.

Wow that was a long post.

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