Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Wedding No. 3

Hey guys!

So at the weekend I went to another wedding. This was the kind where the wedding ceremony was small, with no more than 100 people, probably less, and the reception was a grand affair. And it took place in a very swanky part of London.

There was a procession to the wedding hall with dancing on the street where everyone joined in, even the hotel staff. The ceremony was simple, not something long, and once again the priest explained everything that was going on. It is great to have priests that explain what to do and why, instead of leading you blindly through the ceremony and you not really understanding what's happening. But yes, great wedding.

The reception was the main event. It was the kind of reception that I have only seen a handful of times. (for a reminder of how weddings used to be click here). There was a seating chart, candles on the table, food was brought to your table instead of you having to queue up, we had proper plates, the hall was amazingly decorated, there were speeches by friends and family, the music was not so ridiculously loud that it was distorted, and everyone had a great time. Best part was seeing everyone go absolutely mad on the dance floor. I just love watching everyone enjoy themselves.


Rachna Chhabria said...

This is the kind of wedding I would have definitely enjoyed, Naina. I am a big one for small weddings with just a selected number of guests, not where everyone and their aunts are invited.

Talli Roland said...

Sounds incredible!

Deniz Bevan said...

Dancing in the street? That sounds kinda fun... as long as I'm in a big group and no one's looking at me :-)

Naina Gupta said...

Rachna - I prefer those kind of weddings as well, I would rather people be there who want to be there, than people who want to use my wedding as a reunion. It's annoying because when they go to non-indian weddings they do sit in silence so it isn't impossible for them to do so.

Talli - It really was.

Deniz - Yes in the street. I tell you when a group of fifty people are dressed up in Indian outfits dancing in the street, there is no shortage of tourists with cameras. It was fun.